There are so many intended and unintended consequences of the March of 10,000 teachers on the Capitol on May 1. I am sure that I will miss some and maybe you can add some additional outcomes.

The first is “Who is SCforEd? Where did they come from and how did they create this happening. There is something in my mind that compares this group with the Indivisible Movement that was created in all of the counties in the United States right after the Presidential inauguration. The movement was created by women and is often given credit for the massive change in the composition of Congress.

This group, along with the Indivisibles was hatched by women. Like so many of the women who ran for public office, these SCforEd women had never done anything like this. Unlike the two more established teacher organizations, they did not follow the rules of engagement.

They were ubiquitous across the state, whether social media, online media, television and traditional newspapers. They said their peace about how teachers were being treated in the South Carolina and how that treatment is unfair to the children. Yes they asked for a couple of bucks, and I mean a couple. When you multiply a small number by a percentage, you always get a larger number but not a living wage.

The legislators were all over the place in their opinion of what the March meant. Their thoughts went from it was a shame to leave their classrooms and keep education from the children on that day to large blanket statements by supporters who could find nothing wrong and everything right about the movement. Even the governor thought it might be a positive move. He has been in favor of getting some shekels to the teachers.

The Superintendent of Education was not pleased with the March. She felt, as many others did, that there were better ways of lobbying for improvements in education. She, herself, substitute taught on that day to help out the school district.

The biggest outcome, from my point of view, is that this was a first time event. It got a great deal of coverage across the state. That was a passle of folks at the Capitol. They sure looked like a movement and if you close one eye and look at the pictures taken of the crowd, you can see something political.

This may well be a start of something really new in SC. Something like this started a long time ago in a galaxy far away in the planet of N’Yok. A small group of 5,000 similarly situated individuals marched around city hall and were both condemned and lauded for their actions. They were but a small segment of the population, but they grew themselves into a movement. That is the ultimate unintended consequence (or was it unintended).