Some Good Summer Reading For Rural Educators 



Education in Rural America- a Reassessment of Conventional Wisdom by Jonathan Sher. Written by 29 year old Jonathan Sher in 1977. It is timeless and is a milestone book in rural education

Deer Hunting with Jesus by Joe Bageant- A writer goes back to his hometown to see how things have changed and who is running things.

Amazing Grace, by Jonathan Kozol-if you have never read any of Kozol’s books, this is a good one to start. It is urban but has so many elements that are similar to rural poverty

Educated, A Memoir-by Tara Westover- It is a current best seller and the story of a young woman living in Idaho in a family that will not let her get any education and are survivalists. How she proceeds to become a well respected author and achieves a doctorate from Cambridge.

Leadership by James McGregor Burns-A 1980 Pulitzer Prize winner. It is a book that is hard to put down. It’s a big one and will take a while.

Motivation and Personality by Abraham Maslow- It’s a classic 1954 psychology and motivation opus and general discussion. It is a foundation of so many other offshoots of the social sciences.

The Nature of Human Intelligence by J.P. Guilford- it’s a tough read. Took me 10 years to really go through it. It is not a beach book. However, it debunks so many of our thoughts about IQ, testing, and intelligences (not sure how many there are).

Raising your Parenting Skills, Moving from I’ve Had it to I’ve Got This by Cathi Cohen and Dara Adams- brand new- Helping parents to build skills while staying connected to their child and fostering resilience and remaining sane.