The South Carolina Organization of Rural Schools (SCORS) was founded four years ago. SCORS was founded by Dr.Vashti Washington, Carol Hillman, and Dr. Arnold Hillman. All work performed by SCORS is handled by volunteers. All expenses are paid for by these volunteers. The SCORS website is a joint effort by SCORS and R&R productions of Harrisburg, PA. The cost of the Go Daddy site is once again paid for by volunteers.

At the outset of the organization, its founding members contacted all of the extant educational organizations to see whether such an entity was necessary. It succeeded a rural school organization that disbanded in 2006. Since there are well over 30 such organizations in the United States, the conclusion was that it should be created.

Since many of the rural school districts in South Carolina are resource poor, it was a decided that a membership organization with dues would not be appropriate. The next step was to look at other ways of organizing.

After a number of face to face meetings in Columbia with interested school superintendents and other education related folks, a decision was made that these meetings, which were not well attended may have been inconvenient in the face of so many other meetings.

It was at that point that several of the SCORS family suggested that a steering committee could be formed and that meetings could be held by conference call (and possibly later by electronic means). We were fortunate that Marc Drews, of EdVenture, could provide us with the phone conference means to have our meetings.

Our Steering Committee is composed of a number of rural Superintendents, legislative aides, consultants, political operatives. Attorneys, and higher education folks. The committee is composed of seventeen members.

To understand our goals and our mission, please go to those sections of this website. Thank for your interest.


Steering Committee