Gubernatorial Roundtable Sparks Discussion

The March 1st SCORS Gubernatorial Roundtable sparked some interesting back and forth comments by both the candidates and SCORS members. The event held at SCEA headquarters began with presentations from 5 of the gubernatorial candidates.

Prior to the presentations, SCEA had provided refreshments for the participants which was conducive to interesting small talk. Each of the candidates gave their positions on a number of topics ranging from school funding, changes in taxation, the politics of how legislation is really passed, the role of the governor, some history of legislation and other pertinent topics.

After the presentations from Lt. Governor Bryant, former Lt. Governor Yancey McGill, Phil Noble, Marguerite Willis and James Smith, questions were taken from the floor. Therein begin some serious back and forth between the audience and the candidates and between the candidates themselves.

A major conversation focused on a plan by one of the candidates to completely revise the education system and teacher salaries. The statement that SC is 50th in education in the country was challenged. The debate continued after the session was concluded.

In a back and forth between candidates, there were questions about voting records and rebuttals to those questions. There was also a suggestion that the constitution be augmented by including a clause that would refer to a “A free quality education system.” The current verbiage from the Abbeville case is “minimally adequate.”

SCORS was impressed by the candidates and their positions on many of the issues. We encourage all educators to vote in the primary election which will take place on June 12, 2018. The regular election will be on November 6, 2018.