This coming Wednesday August 9, 2017, we trek up to Greenwood and meet with the school districts and higher education members of the Western Piedmont Education Association (WPEC). WPEC has been around for ten years.

The origin in the 1996-97 school year was made possible by 10 superintendents who saw the future in collaboration in a number of areas. These are some of those areas; curriculum services, job alike groups, professional development, resource library and legislative activity. These are just some of the services offered by WPEC.

Over the past ten years, two more school districts, one technical college and one university have joined the group. Lander University in Greenwood has recently ranked in the top ten in best value schools in South Carolina and in the top ten in many of the polls taken of the best colleges/universities in the state.

The organization functions under the direction of Dr Billy Strickland, a former superintendent in the area. The previous three execs were Liz Warren, Mack Ellis and Dr. Ray Wilson.

This consortium is a model for the rest of the state. As a former director of a Regional Education Service Agency and school district superintendent, I am convinced that consortia in South Carolina can operate in this manner.




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