Seems like we have not been visiting school districts for a while. Today was our 16th district- Hampton 1. Dr. Ron Wilcox was a gracious host and a wonderful explainer of what is going on in his school district. Although Ron has only been there for 2 years, he has accomplished a great deal.

With 34 years as a superintendent, in Tennessee, North Carolina and now South Carolina, Ron knows what works for his students. He takes time to write grants and has all his directors of special programming writing grants. They have been very successful.

He has inspired people in his community to help him establish a Hampton 1 School District endowment fund to help students in need. He believes in having high school teachers create pre-tests and post-tests for their students and pay close attention to the results.

Dr. Wilcox is proud of the district’s board members as they are willing to set goals and work with him and his staff to accomplish those goals.

He is concerned about the condition of his 7 buildings and makes it a point to plan ahead, knowing that it is inevitable that buildings will need repairs. Dr. Wilcox took us to a middle school and an elementary school. It was impressive. There are buildings, however, that were constructed in the 1950’s. Those buildings are in need of repair and new systems. Ron Wilcox is planning for that.

Like the other 15 superintendents we have visited, he agrees that the combination of good leadership and adequate funding is what South Carolina school districts need.

We are learning so much as we roam around the rural districts in our state. If you would like us to visit your district, just give SCORS a call at 843-707-9054.




Roaming Around