​As a retired superintendent, sometimes I forget things about the day to day activities of a school district. I never thought about what would be going on in a school district on the last few days of school.

I arrived at the Chester County administrative offices just in time to meet with the central office staff. Chester County has 5,100 students and three high schools and twelve buildings altogether. There are 3 high school graduations on the same day and the superintendent and her central office staff have to be at all of them. Lucky me, I never had to go to but one graduation.

Dr Bain was super gracious to me by having me meet her central staff. Each one of them has had a great number of years of experience. It was obvious from their reactions and questions about SCORS and other school related things that they were pros. It is great to be able to speak with people with whom you need no prologue.

We talked about SCORS, consolidation, academic issues, and a host of others in 40 minutes. The meeting had to end because the staff had just learned that a position that they thought they had filled in Adult Education was open again. The person who was hired had decided to retire.

All of these things made touring the district a bit difficult. We will return to Chester County and try not to schedule the visit at the end of the year.




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