Because of our travels around South Carolina and our mentoring of students in the Ridgeland Hardeeville High school in Jasper County, we visit a number of colleges and technical colleges. Over the past few weeks we have visited SCAD (Savannah College of Art and Design), Savannah Technical College (Aviation Maintenance program) and Benedict College. Each of the schools was extremely interesting and a fit for some of our students.

 If you have not visited SCAD, you might want to go there. It is about the most unusual school we have seen in our area. Although it is in Georgia, it does treat students from Beaufort and Jasper Counties as in-state for tuition purposed.

As their name describes their priority, the scope of their courses opens up possibilities in many areas.99% if the students either get jobs or are in grad school within 10 months of their graduation. Graduates are hired by many well-known companies like Pixar. Grads have also started their own design firms, digital media firms and others.

Their academic programs include: building arts, school of design, communications, digital media, entertainment arts, fashion, fine arts, foundation studies, and liberal arts. There are many sub headings under each of these majors.

Our students were impressed, especially since it was Hallowe’en and the students were all decked out in Hallowe’en garb.

In the afternoon we bused over to Savannah Tech- Airplane Maintenance. Tech has five locations. The students were presented with a chance to go into single engine planes and see motors that students work on. A career in the industry after this 2 year course would start out at $21 an hour.

The new President of Benedict, Dr. Roslyn Clark Artis, invited superintendents of schools and guidance staff from schools in the Columbia area, as well as Charleston, Atlanta, and other Georgia schools to come to a luncheon to hear about the changes that have been made at Benedict.

We were invited by the Vice President for enrollment management, Dr. Emmanuel LaLande to be as the session. We had heard that Dr. Clark had instituted some changes at the school such as creating standards for admission, lowering tuition and reducing enrollment.

This HBCU school I moving rapidly into new areas, such as cyber security, environmental engineering, and international entrepreneurship. Their objective is contained in a plan called B.E.S.T. “A Bold Execution of a Strategic Transformation.” Lots of exciting things going on at Benedict. Hopefully, SCORS can be of some service to Benedict and other schools that house our students.

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