The McCormick County Schools are located in the Northwest portion of South Carolina. It is accessible, for our travels from Georgia and is closer to Augusta than any other big city.

On Thursday, November 9, 2017 the Hillmans had the pleasure of spending the day with Mr. Don Doggett, Superintendent of the McCormick County Schools that serves close to 750 students.

We saw the Early Childhood Center where they are partnering with Head Start and hoping to expand to include infants in the program. Their Education Complex sits on a hill and includes their Elementary, Middle and High school buildings, all connected by long hallways. They need a new roof which will cost the district well over $1 million.

Mr. Doggett has only been at McCormick for 15 months, having come from Beaufort SD where he turned around two failing schools. In his short time at McCormick he has focused on leadership development, replacing one principal and hiring other administrative staff.

Doggett’s ready smile, handshake and enthusiasm have apparently become contagious as we were warmly greeted by staff, faculty and students. It is clear that McCormick schools are open to and welcoming of their local community.

Who knew we would be driving three hours from Bluffton, SC to McCormick? It was worth the trip!


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