President's Corner

Even though the SC Supreme Court has ended its oversight in the Abbeville matter, the moral and legal responsibility of all South Carolinians is to ensure that all children living in our Great State have an equal and fair opportunity regardless of their zip code.   The Court’s recent ruling does not in any way remove this moral and legal responsibility to provide children in rural areas the same opportunities as those in urban and suburban districts. 

Issues such as, facilities, technology, teacher recruitment and retention are issues where all South Carolinians can work together to find a resolution.

A solution which treats all of our children equitably and provides a fair opportunity for all - including those children living in the rural areas of our Great State.

SCORS is working to help the 116,000 children living in rural SC to have a fair and fighting chance to live in their communities and to make their lives and the lives of their children better and more secure.   A baby  born today in a rural area of our state, should have all the good facilities, technology, quality teachers and school staff as the child born today in an urban or suburban area of our state.


Rural SC is vital to a growing and prosperous SC.  SCORS is calling for a reconvening of the House Abbeville Task force and the SC Senate Special Committee to review their recommendations and evaluate progress or lack thereof.  Hopefully, these meetings lead to special action and attention to helping the children, families, businesses, communities, schools, farmers, and all who live in Rural SC to equal and fair treatment.