June 26, 2018

Dear Senator Graham:

Thank you for your service in the U.S. Senate and other public areas. I am writing you today, regarding the internment of babies, toddlers, and children. I implore you to go to the U.S. Senate Leadership, fellow Senate colleagues on both sides of the isle and pass a bill to end this terrible barbarism.

Did you see and hear the crying of babies calling for their Mommy and Daddy? Did you see the video of little Jessica sitting despondent, crying, and wanting her Mommy?

I did. To me, any policy that does this in so cold-hearted and reflects the conscious of the leaders creating and implementing these cruel policies and conditions on these babies. It causes me to wonder about the soul and heart of these leaders and gives me extreme concern for the direction they are pushing onto our Country.

Some are comparing this situation to pre-World War II in Germany, and to the internment of Japanese-Americans after Pearl Harbor. It reminds me of the placement of Native Americans on reservations, and the taking away of babies and children during slavery. All these moments are not to be ever repeated.

As my Senator, I urge you to go to Senate Leadership and your Senate colleagues, both Republican and Democrat, and find the courage, tenacity, and compassion to end this most cold-hearted, and cruel policy. I ask that you do all you possibly can to let these children and babies unite with their Mommy’s and Daddy’s.

This is not a solution to any immigration problem.

Thank you for your attention and consideration.


Roger Smith