At a meeting with former Governor and Secretary of Education Richard Riley, the former Governor concluded the meeting by saying the he would support the work of SCORS. The officers of SCORS visited with the former Governor in his offices in Greenville. Two of his staff from the Riley Institute also attended.

After introductions, President Roger described the work that has been going on and future plans. The main reason for the meeting was to get Governor Riley’s input about the sequel that SCORs is making to the original “Corridor of Shame.” The documentary will be called “Unfinished Business, Children of the Corridor.”

The ultimate conclusion of the discussions was that the film would catch up with improvements made to the plaintiff districts since the 2005 film. The other part of the documentary would be the need for resources and teachers.

Governor Riley also suggested a number of ways that we could raise funds to complete our tasks. SCORS was most grateful for Governor Riley’s input.

You may have noticed that there is an advertisement on the site relative to a Mentor Handbook. A portion of each sale of the book ($7 and $6 each for orders of 10 or more) will be donated to SCORS.





Governor Riley Supports SCORS efforts