DECEMBER 9, 2016

As usual, other items took precedence over the prepared agenda. The upcoming meeting of the EOC relative to a new accountability system took center stage. It appeared to those present, that rural schools were not a priority for those in the legislature. Many believe that the Abbeville case will be soon forgotten.

Once again, it was pointed out that the lawyers in the case have insisted that if there is not lobbying, the case may never be addressed by the legislature. A discussion ensued about who we might approach and how we get superintendents and board members truly active in the lobbying activity, not just their own reps.

One problem in rural schools now is the hiring of qualified teachers. It was pointed out that even the wealthiest of schools have trouble getting teachers. Someone suggested the CERRA program from Winthrop University.

The consortia across the state have been doing some things together. That might be expanded to other areas that might have some public interest. One of those might be a Consortium wide band or orchestra, or  other public activities that would encourage parents and communities to come out and see what our schools are doing.

The idea of a “Science in Motion” van with the latest of scientific equipment and a screening van for 0-4 year olds could also be a joint consortium activity. Will look into federal and other grants.

The testimony of  Dr. David O’Shields and SDE-SCASA will be on the website.

END - Dec. 9, 2016